Increasing the Value of Your Home – Don’t Forget the Basement!

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Your home represents one of the largest investments you will ever make. It only makes sense then, to do all you can to protect that investment. Many people think about painting their house, inside and out as a way to protect their investment. Others will invest in landscaping. One of the more significant ways to protect your investment is a way that often gets shoved down on the list of home improvement and that is repairing and preserving the basement. Many home purchasers concentrate on the condition of the basement as a leading indicator as to a home’s value, both short term and long term.  The value of your home is influenced by the condition of your basement and basement walls more than you think. When you think preservation of value, think basement condition.

Leaking water from cracked basement walls has a significant negative effect on living conditions as well as the value. Repairing cracked basement walls fortunately is easily done, once you’ve chose the right professional and expert.

Cracked basement walls are a common problem and so is the associated water leakage. Harsh climates, freezing, thawing, changing weather, can all affect foundations. Deficient structures move. Sometimes even the most solid of foundations move, expand and contract. That is the nature of a poured foundation and the concrete material used. Even the slightest of these movements can cause basement wall cracks. Most cracks, however, naturally occur without any fault of a contractor or builder. This natural occurrence is a result of the expansion and contraction during the curing process of the foundation concrete.

Cracked walls my happen as a result of poor workmanship. Water tables may rise or foundations may settle. All of these contribute to the origination of basement wall cracks. When this happens, they need repaired.

Basement wall cracks will eventually leak water.  Cracks leaking water need repaired quickly, correctly and completely. This suggests generally more than a do it yourself home project. Simple patching with crack repair material is usually not the long term answer to effective repair. Foundations will continue to move. Cracks will re-appear and leaking starts all over again. More crack repair cement is not the answer to a cracked wall problem.

Crack repairs are best done on the inside with a system that will channel water directly to inside drain tile. Basement crack professionals and basement water proofing experts need to be called in, in these instances.

Choosing the right professional means that the consumer or home owner needs a full understanding of the warranties offered; an understanding of the ease and time required for each repair job and an understanding of whether the professional of choice is a true expert. Experts are best identified by how well and how long they are willing to stand behind their service; their guarantees and warranties. Experts are also identified by any patents they may hold related to the repair process.

Most basement repair companies will focus only on repairing cracks. This is a treatment of the “symptom” not the “cause”. This approach is only good until a new crack appears (many times right next to the freshly repaired crack). The best repair job addresses the cause, not just the symptom. Allowing water to pass through a more controlled environment keeps hydraulic pressure off of a foundation. Relieving this pressure prevents the conditions that contribute and cause basement wall cracks. Making sure contractors and professional repair specialists have the proper process and things like water capacity for a controlled flow is vital to proper repair and long term care.

Basement crack repair begins with finding the cause. Surface water, groundwater, humidity and changing weather are all real causes. Channeling and controlling the water flow around the basement cures the cause while preventing wall cracks.

It’s more than a patch as you have read. A patch may cover up a problem that will decrease your home value. A thorough cause analysis and subsequent solution preserves the value of your home for the long term. Basement leakage can cause serious damage to your health and the value of your largest investment, your home. Problems should be assessed and fixes as early as possible. Your value and investment will then be secure with repair by an expert.

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