Channel Pro (Crack Repair)

Channel Pro© is our patented crack repair system, (Patented by Pouwels Basement Specialists) and is used on poured foundation walls. This repair will allow the wall to shift naturally without compromising the repair. Channel Pro© utilizes the existing drain tile for maximum results. For basements with radon mitigation, Channel Pro© allows the radon to escape directly to the drain tile along with water and escape through the system. This is a permanent repair and is less than 1/4" thick leaving an attractive finished result. If planning to finish your basement, this repair is a must!

Crack Repair - Green Bay, Appleton, WI

Crack Repair - Green Bay, Appleton, WI

Because we allow the water to pass directly to the drain tile, pressure is kept off the foundation, minimizing the chance of bowed walls in the future. If your basement was built from the 1970s or newer, this system will work for you! Channel Pro© works with the drain tile system that is in place in your basement already, so very little needs to be done to connect to it. This is a permanent repair and comes with a 20-Year Transferable Warranty!

Channel Pro Crack Repair System - 100% Guaranteed!

Note: if your basement is a block wall, stone wall or an older foundation, Pouwels Basement Specialists has a solution for you!  Contact Us Today for a FREE Estimate