Egress Windows

An egress window in a basement dramatically brightens an otherwise dark, dingy room, but it also has a more serious purpose. It’s large enough to offer a safe exit from the basement in the event of fire or other emergency. Adding an egress window is essential any time you remodel your basement to make a new bedroom, office or other living space.

An egress window must have a clear opening of at least 5.7 sq.ft. - large enough to allow a firefighter,with equipment, to enter the home through the window. In addition, the window must be at least 20” wide and 24” high (while still meeting the 5.7 sq. ft. requirement). Finally, the bottom of the opening can be no more than 44” from the floor.

Good planning simplifies the job!  You first need to find the best location and side for the window. Consider which wall offers the best light and the effect on the exterior look of the home. You will also need to consider any obstacles you’ll have to deal with for a particular location.

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The best natural light comes from the east first and then the south. An eastern window offers rich morning light, while a southern window provides more even light year round. You may want to place the window beneath a large window on the house since this placement maintained the balanced look of the front of the home, though the window may not be centered on the wall of your finished room.

Egress Window Services Egress Window Services Egress Window Services

Casement windows are usually ideal because the entire window swings open. That means you can install a smaller casement window than other types. A 29” wide by 47” high window will meet the requirements, and you can go even smaller if the window is equipped with special egress hinges. Modern casement windows with a single lock are also the easiest for a child to open.

There are many window manufacturers to choose from and you can decide which is best suited for your needs.

There are many different window wells to choose from, ranging from a preformed poly unit to a decorative concrete block custom built on site. The drain system installed with the window well may be the most important step and often the most overlooked. At Pouwels Basement Specialists we make sure the job is done right the first time so you can enjoy your new space in a healthy and dry environment.

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