Interior 3-Way Drain System

If your basement has water seeping in by the floor and the wall, your drain tile is compromised and needs to be cleaned or more likely replaced by a professional.

Interior 3-Way Drain Tile System

Interior 3-Way Drain Tile System

Drain Tile Problems? We Have The Solutions!

This repair can be utilized in situations where the wall is not bowed to the extent that it needs straightening. This repair is very economical and it will do the job very well! The repair is used on all types of walls: Block, Stone, Concrete, ICFs, etc. Our system has two seperate drains built in to ENSURE the basement stays DRY.

Interior 3-Way Drain Tile System Interior 3-Way Drain Tile System

Compared to other common waterproofing systems, our interior drain tile has the following advantages:

  1. It lowers the water table below the bottom of the basement floor and utilizes the weep holes that are in place, located in the footings & is designed to deliver water from the outside to the inside drain tile, then to the sump pit.  This controls the capillary action or wicking of water or water vapor on to the basement floor. Because of the problems associated with basement floors allowing so much water into homes, the building codes mandate a vapor barrier or plastic is placed under the floor of new construction. This code was issued because of the problem of mold in new homes.  A properly installed drain tile system is the only way to combat this problem without completely removing the floor.
  2. Our interior drain tile also drains the blocks at the bottom where they rest on the footing.  This also helps with the wicking of water up the wall.  It eliminates the moldy dingy looking walls that happen when they hold water.  Because we drain the walls at the footing, below the floor, any water that enters the inside of the wall will be drained immediately.
  3. Our system includes a secondary drain, which will collect any other water that wants to enter the basement and deliver it to the drain tile (Foolproof & can not fail) even if the water comes over the top of the foundation wall, it will catch it and deliver it to the new drain system.  It can be installed in all types of basements, incl. Block wall, and Poured walls, ICFs, Stone foundations.
  4. Our drain tile does not plug or silt in. Being on the inside of the footing perimeter, or tile is in a controlled environment. We also lay it in a bed of washed stone to filter the water before it enters the tile.
  5. The system is below the floor and maintenance free, except for the secondary drain system, which goes up the wall about 4”and takes up about 1/4” of space. . After the system is installed, you can finish the basement and not worry about a baseboard to try to work around.
Interior 3-Way Drain Tile System Interior 3-Way Drain Tile System

What about our competitors products?

Beaver System or Glued-On Baseboard System


  • Helps to drain the walls
  • Can be installed by homeowner



  • Leaves about 3 to 4 inches of water in the bottom of the blocks allowing water wicking to occur resulting in damp, moldy walls
  • The product holds water and grows mold
  • It is easily broken and leaks if it is bumped or hit by playing kids or moving furniture.
  • Costs about the same to have professionally installed drain tile system.
  • Does nothing for water that comes from below the floor.


Drain Trac, Water Guard, Drain Main or Water X - Trac (Over the footing systems)


  • Very effective in removing water from inside the walls
  • Ease of installation for the installer. There are no trenches to dig.


  • Does not lower the water table below the floor. You will end up with floors that act like a humidifier.
  • Usually costs more than the interior drain tile system



There are many companies that call themselves Professional Waterproofers, unfortunately, not many deserve the title. It takes many years to understand what it takes to successfully troubleshoot a foundation problem and to correct it right the first time. Pouwels Basement Specialists has earned the publics trust since 1975 and we take our business seriously . We are not a franchise and are not restricted to a specific repair. We will look at a situation and design a system to fit your needs without unnecessary repairs, saving you money and future headaches.

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