Channel Pro© (Crack Repair)


Channel Pro - Our 100% Guaranteed Crack Repair System!

Channel Pro© is our patented system which works with your foundation allowing the wall to shift naturally without compromising the repair. Channel Pro© utilizes the existing drain tile for maximum results.  For basements with radon mitigation, Channel Pro© allows the radon to escape directly to the drain tile along with the water and escape through the system. This is a permanent repair and is less than 1/4" thick leaving an attractive finished result. If planning to finish your basement, this repair is a must! Because we allow the water to pass directly to the drain tile, pressure is kept off the foundation, minimizing the chance of bowed walls in the future.

Channel Pro© Facts:

  • Stops basement window leaks
  • Keeps water pressure off basement walls
  • 100% success rate
  • 20-Year Transferrable Warranty
  • Costs less than other systems
  • Barely noticeable
  • No Harmful Ingredients


Channel Pro© is better than an injection system because it will not break loose even if the wall shifts where the crack has occurred.