Q: What are some water damage warning signs?

A: The following are all signs of basement water damage:

    -  Musty odors
    -  Mold & mildew
    -  Cracked walls
    -  White chalky substances or damp spots on the walls
    -  Peeling paint or warped wood
    -  Dry rot or furniture damage

Q: Why does my basement leak?

A: Basements leak for a variety of different reasons. Your problem may be a result of poor craftsmanship, rising water tables, foundation settlement, or capillary attraction. Only a trained and certified inspector can tell you for sure what is causing your leakage problem.

Q: Why does my basement smell musty?

A: Mold and fungus spores floating in your basement’s air cause musty odors. These spores can cause asthma and allergy problems, and should be dealt with properly in order to remove them from your home.

Q: What will it cost to have my basement waterproofed?

A: The cost of waterproofing your basement depends on a variety of different factors. For a free estimate please Call Us today, or fill out our Free Estimate Form online.

Q: Do you offer warrantees for your work?

Most Pouwels Basement waterproofing solutions come with a 20-year warrantee that is transferable should you sell your home or business. Any Crack repair covered with the Channel Pro crack repair system has a 20-Year Transferable Warrantee. Best in the Business Because we are the Experts.

Q: Why is my wall cracked? Is it the fault of my contractor?

A: The wall can crack for several reasons. Some can be the fault of the contractor, for example, bad soil conditions below the foundation, early backfilling without proper bracing, and improper finish grading. Another reason walls crack is the lack of downspouts on your home.  However most cracks naturally occur without any fault of the contractor due to the expansion and contraction of the curing process of the concrete. The type of form used can make all the difference, for example wood forms have better insulation than metal and can adversely affect the type of cracks that occur and how many can occur in the foundation.

Q: Should my basement wall be repaired from the outside?

A: If it is a cracked poured foundation and we can utilize the drain tile from the inside, the repair should be done on the inside with a system that will channel the water directly to your drain tile. This method was  perfected and patented by James F. Pouwels. Our method allows for movement of the foundatiion wall which occures naturally. Other methods used on the outside will dry out and deteriorate due to exposure or the chemicals in the soil. If your foundation is a block wall you may be forced to do the repair on the outside if the wall has moved too much. However there are methods that can be used on the inside with superior results if the wall has not moved too much. Ask a Pro.

Q: Why James F. Pouwels Channel Pro System is superior?

A: Channel Pro system works with the poured foundation to relieve hydralic pressure against the foundation. Because the work is done on the inside, this system works with radon mitigation, ideal for remodeling, while leaving an attractive finished look. Our lifetime transferrable warranty is made possible because of its 100% Success Rate & its Superior Reliability.

Q: Injection method or water control system? (You can't Fight Mother Nature!!!)

A: The Patented water control system by James F. Pouwels does not fail, where as the competition's does, due to forces beyond their control. This is because they are trying to seal the crack where as the Channel Pro System developed by James F. Pouwels does not. Our system allows the water to pass through in a controlled environment, which keeps the hydraulic pressure off the foundation, where as  the injection method does not. With Channel Pro you will not develop new leaks next to your old ones since the pressure is relieved.  Other water control systems out on the market do not measure up because they do not have the water capacity that Channel Pro offers.

Q: How do I know if the waterproofing contractor is honest?

A: You Don't! Taking the right steps to find the honest contractor is as easy as checking their references. Ask for them! Check out the homebuilders Association & check the Better Business Bureau. At Pouwels Basement Specialists you get the honest answers to your questions. We Know foundations inside and out because we build them and we fix them. We have been earning your trust with honesty and intregrity since 1975. In many cases James F. Pouwels and his staff can save you thousands of dollars!


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