I love the work that you've done.  I have suffered for years with a wet basement.  Thanks to communicating with a person who understood what needed to be done, it got fixed.  To make this short and sweet, I am extremely pleased with the repairs done to the basement.  Now I can put the house on the market without having fear or guilt.  You've made my year, thanks so much!


Deborah R. Puckhabar

It was so nice to work with you.  Your work ethic is something to be proud of.  It is great to know that there are still some people like you that can be proud of their workmanship.  I highly recommend you.


Thank You,
Joan Gilson

We are very impressed with your promptness, knowledge and service.


Tracey Schnabel

To Prospective Customers of Pouwels Basement Contractors: 


I am Most pleased to be able to recommend Jim pouwels for foundation repair and waterproofing. He is respected in construction community and owns patents for several repair technologies. 

As the person who is home during any project, it has been a pleasure to work with Jim and his crew. Pouwels and his crew started the project and worked 3 full days until it was completed. 

They are on time, explain the process and options, and work well with other contractors. I was very impressed that they worked with an excavator to find a custom solution for my basement. 

Pouwels Basement Specialists have exceeded my expectations. 

Constance Hassett




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Great Work & Cleaned up after!

Robert J. Cloud

Thanks Jim for a Great Job

Joe Lambert

I appreciate how quickly you responded to my call and came out to inspect the problem.