Backup Sump Pump System


The heart of your drainage system is the Sump Pump-without it your basement will flood unless you have a natural flow to the outside. If you are having sump concerns call us today!

There are many systems out there and most do the job well. And there some common sense practices you can incorporate to protect yourself in case of a sump failure due to burnout or electrical failure. The practices can range from an inverter which will sense a power outage and automatically switch to the inverter to run your pump on a DC current drawn from a 12 volt battery and sense when the power is restored and switch to the AC current and at the same time recharge the battery for the next time it is needed (to this system will work in cases where the power goes off, but does not help in case of pump burn out unless a second pump is installed in the same pit which I believe is the best solution and is the most reliable). You could opt for a DC backup Sump Pump that can be installed in the same pit but these pumps tend to be unreliable and you have a risk there. Let us evaluate your needs and come up with the solution that best fits your situation!

Sump Pump

Whether you just need a new pump installed or a whole system, Pouwels Basement Specialists would be very happy to help you out!