Exterior Waterproofing


Part of our system utilizes Platon Foundation Protector. 

A common complaint of new homeowners relates to leaking basements. A survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found that 44% of new owners of all types of homes reported basement leaks in the first year. Using a proven foundation protection system such as Platon will ensure that your home is NOT one of them.

For you, the homeowner, a leaking or damp basement can mean:

  1. An UNHEALTHY environment due to odors, mildew, fungus and spores (allergens)
  2. Reduced VALUE of your home
  3. More DIFFICULTY/lower-value on resale
  4. LESS usable space in your home

Protect your Investment

Keep moisture out of the basement by installing Platon Foundation Protection on your foundation walls. Whether your basement is built using concrete, masonry block, PT wood or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) Platon’s unique air gap technology ensures that moisture stays on the outside, even if there are cracks or open joints in your basement wall. Providing Double Protection by keeping water out and allowing drainage when needed. At Pouwels Basements Specialists we use Platon on Old and New Foundations to ensure a QUALITY BASEMENT! This product easily bridges 1/4” cracks. Be sure to ask us about the many ways to protect your basement.