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In today’s economy more homeowners are finding their basement space is a valuable asset and one of the most economical ways to increase the value of their homes. Before you start, take note of any area that may leak now or in the future. Once you cover it up, you don’t want to go back and start over! Call in an Expert to check it out. Our Professionals at Pouwels Basement Specialists are the area’s foremost Experts in the waterproofing business. Pouwels Basement Specialists have been earning your trust since 1975, with our Custom Poured Foundations. We continue to take great pride in pouring the finest foundations in the area. This has put us in a unique position, because we understand basements inside & out. We know if there is a problem, what corners were cut and how to fix it right. 

A Damp Basement can cause:


  • Deterioration of Property Value
  • Lifting of Tiles, Carpet, and Wood
  • Peeling of Paint and Wall Coverings
  • Damage to Stored Possessions
  • Serious Health Problems
  • Electric Shock Hazards
  • Insect Infestations
  • Structural Damage

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